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A smarter way to manage devices

A smarter way to manage devices

The most comprehensive technology solution to manage the complexities of the forward and reverse supply chain for all mobility products

Mobile Device Automation

With the rapid growth of mobile phones and handheld devices in our lives and in the workplace, industry stakeholders at every point in the usage and supply chain need a simple way to manage them.

The Pervacio Revolution platform provides carriers, retailers, enterprises and warehouses with a unified solution to manage every type of mobile device, irrespective of network, device type, operating platform, or where the device is in the usage life cycle.

Carriers and Retailers

For carriers looking for an advanced triage solution to create unrivalled in-store customer service programs.

Our forensically certified and market-data-fed software platform can provide the basis for enhanced device triage & walk-out-working customer service programs.

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Solutions for Carriers and Retailers

For Warehouses looking for an advanced system to catalog devices, automate repetitive manual tasks and streamline existing device inventory flows.

Our forensically certified and market-data-fed software platform enables warehouses to automate existing device diagnostic through-flows, increase inventory value and remove the threat of consumer data breaches.

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Solutions for Warehousing

For OEMs looking to streamline device diagnostics and data wiping.

Our forensically certified software platform enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to streamline existing device diagnostics, track inventory and manage shrinking life cycles through dedicated firmware support.

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Solutions for OEMs

For Enterprises that need to manage, track, secure, maintain and coordinate company-issued and employee-owned mobile devices.

Our forensically certified software platform enables enterprises to manage, track, secure, maintain and coordinate company-issued and employee-owned mobile devices, providing an end-to-end solution for enterprises’ device portfolios.

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Solutions for Enterprises

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Masum Ibne Munim

Masum Ibne Munim joins Pervacio’s team of Field Engineers

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce the appointment of Masum Ibne Munim to Pervacio, as a Field Engineer as part of our Canada team.

Mikko Inkinen

Pervacio introduces its Finland hub team

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Following the launch of a new development, engineering and management hub in Finland, mobile device automation solutions specialist Pervacio has been busy putting together a highly experienced team.

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